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Этот тест позволит определить ваш примерный уровень английского и оценить ваш уровень подготовленности для IELTS. Пройдите тест и запишитесь на пробный урок по подготовки к IELTS своего уровня!

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IELTSnow! Тест для определения уровня

Listening test:

Play the following record once and answer the questions below

1. Which topping is NOT mentioned as one available from this pizza shop?
A. bacon
B. mushrooms
C. Italian chicken
2. What pizza does the man finally order?
A. pepperoni and green peppers on one half and Italian sausage and black olives on the other
B. pepperoni and Italian sausage on one half and green peppers and bacon on the other
C. pepperoni and mushrooms on one half and green peppers and Italian sausage on the other
3. What else does the man order with his pizza?
A. a salad and orange juice
B. bread sticks and a beverage
C. a drink and chicken sticks
4. What was the total of his order?
A. $15.19
B. $15.90
C. $15.99
5. What is the man's telephone number and address?
A. 3040 South 60 East at 340-1870
B. 1314 South 16 East at 340-1870
C. 1340 South 16 East at 340-1870

Grammar test:

1)... Russian?
Is You are
Are you Do you
2) No, I ...
aren't not
isn't am not
3) ... old are you?
What When
How Who
4) They ... here at 5 pm every day.
are coming is coming
come comes
5) ... my dogs.
These are That is
These is This is
6)... you want some food?
Are Is
Do Does
7) ... very hot today.
There is Is
There are It is
8) I ... in Moscow next week.
was is
will be were
9) She sings very ...
well nice
goodly bad
10) He ... any problems.
haven't got doesn't have
aren't having has
11) I'm the ... in my school.
most fast more fast
faster fastest
12) What are you listening ...?
on ...
at to
13) I ... go now.
have must
can to need
14) I think she ... pass the exam.
will to pass pass
passing 'll pass
15) Who ... you I don't like you?
is tell did tell
tell told
16) He can't come to the party as he ... on holiday.
will ...
is going goes
17) She'd like ... English.
to study her to learn
learning learn
18) Can you ... a pen?
to lend me lend
lend me borrow me
19) They asked ... back later.
that I come for to come
me to come if I come
20) We all enjoy ... English.
the studying to study
studying study
21) Our money ... by bandits.
stole was stolen
were stolen been stolen
22) Don't forget ... to me.
writing write
to write wrote
23) She ... me it was great.
said told
says told to
24) The school isn't far ... to.
by foot to walk
walking walk
25) You need to sign a contract ... you begin.
before so
until for
26) Do you know which hotel ... to?
they did go they left
they went did they go
27) When she arrived we
asked whether she ... the accident
would see see
had seen saw
28) I was lying on the beach
when ... my ex wife.
I did see seeing
I had seen I saw
29) ... I've done this I'll go home.
Soon Then
Until As soon as
30) If you ... hard, you'll get
bad marks at school.
didn't work won't work
don't work aren't work
31) I didn't ... like beetroot.
used to using
use to used
32) These shelves ... out.
need sorted have to sort
have sorting need sorting
33) A lot of new roads ... at the moment.
are to build are being built
is bulding been built
34) It would be great if you ...
come would come
came had come
35) If the train's on time
I ... there by seven thirty.
would be am
should be have been
36) I've got no idea what ...
I am supposed to do am I supposed to do
I suppose to do they suppose me do
37) Do you think he ... yet?
is got there gets there
will get there will have got there
38) I need to ...
fixing my car was fixed my car
have my car fixed get him to car fix
39) They work in ...
oil industry the oil industry
oil's industry industry of oil
40) I'm slowly ... using this new software.
be used to getting used to
got use to used to
41) Don't you think it's high time ... ?
we should go we are going
had gone we were going
42) In spite of the weather ... , we didn't go.
would be fine being fine
was fine had been fine
43) I'm so tired. I ... football for two hours.
have been playing was playing
am playing have played
44) Given better pay and conditions I ...
would stayed can stay
should to stay would have stayed
45) I've never ... very well with Jeffrey.
got by got on
gone off made up
46) I was so bad at snooker that I ...
went it off gave it up
took it out cut it down
47) Not only ... to his mother,
but he stole from her too.
lied he he was lying
did he lie that he lied
48) If only ... the piano better.
I could play I would play
I should play I play
49) Annoyingly, my friends always ... late.
turn up come up
arrive up turn down
50) What annoyed me was that
he ... dirty plates everywhere.
would have left has to leave
will be leaving would leave